Healthy Teeth Means Healthy You!

Did you know gum diseases are the #1 factor responsible for tooth loss? Most gum disease can be diagnosed and treated early if you follow proper dental hygiene.

Dental Hygiene Keeps Your Teeth Sparkling White…

You can maintain your pearly whites with proper dental hygiene. Poor dental health can lead to a host of diseases that can affect your overall health. Your dental hygienist’s goal is to protect your disease-prone teeth from infections and other ailments.

Why Is Dental Hygiene Important for You?

  • Dental hygiene helps retain the good health of your teeth and gums. Good oral health is correlated with good overall health.
  • A dental hygienist can detect and diagnose potential health problems early.
  • Regular oral preventive care helps in the prevention of tooth decay, root decay, bone, and gum diseases.
  • It is the best insurance against life-threatening diseases and the easiest way to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

How Our Dental Hygienist Can Help You…

A dental hygienist will keep your teeth and gums healthy to prevent possible infections. You will get personalized attention from our dental hygienists who will let you explore your options before initiating the dental cleaning process.

Our dental hygienist cleans your teeth to scrape off tartar and plaque, following with flossing and polishing with fluoride varnish. We meticulously observe your teeth using diagnostic procedures for early detection of any gum disease such as gingivitis, bruxism and TMJ.

Our dental hygienists are armed with the finest dental care skills. We help you establish the best dental care regimen to avoid any dental problems.

What to Expect When You Visit Us…

Consult our dental hygienist for complete oral care and treatment. Good dental hygiene will help you avoid and recover from dental problems.

  • When you visit your dental hygienist, keep a note of the type of diet you are following, the medications you are taking, your lifestyle and cosmetics products, and your dental hygiene habits.
  • Change your brushing and flossing habits as recommended and demonstrated. You might be prescribed special mouthwash and antibiotics depending on your dental treatment.
  • You will get evaluated for risk factors for tooth restoration, tooth replacement, or potential diseases.
  • Get regular dental checkups as recommended by your dentists. If you are at higher risk for tooth decay, you may need to pay frequent visits for checkups.

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