Non-Removable Implant Teeth

A non-removable teeth implant is the better solution over dentures because it looks and functions like natural teeth. It is fixed to the implants with dental cement and screws.

The prominent advantage of a non-removable teeth implant is that it is permanent and feels just like your natural teeth, especially when you are eating and speaking. Full mouth dental implants are smaller in size from other implant replacement options. They are easy to clean and also prevent further loss of the jaw bone.

Removable Implant Teeth “Overdenture”

A removable implant provides stability – new teeth are fixed to two or more dental implants. It has higher risk of replacement over time.

The advantage of a removal teeth implant is that it prevents jaw bone loss, fragile dentures, sore spots from dentures, food under dentures and denture slip. It helps recover facial support and strengthens your bite. There are three types of removal implant teeth overdentures.

    1. Custom Bar with Overdenture:
      Custom bar implant is removable and provides strength during biting and chewing. The teeth are kept by the supporting bar with attachments inside the teeth. A five or more teeth implant is required for this type of treatment. You can upgrade your custom bar implant later to a fixed implant. Custom bar allows more tongue space and improved chewing experience.
    2. Overdenture with Attachments:
      Locator attachment implant makes a denture secure for chewing and reduces sore spots. It provides complete control from the attachments to the denture itself but you need to replace your attachment every two to five years. You can upgrade this to fixed non-removable teeth by adding more implants, however.
    3. "Mini" Implants With Overdenture:
      Mini implants with overdenture are a long term solution which provides a stable denture at a low cost. They have a low success rate and require replacing every two to five years at minimal cost. Mini implants prohibit bone loss and are easy to wash.

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