Success Stories

Professional, Expert Knowledge

"Before I came to see Dr. Fabey, I was in a great deal of pain. 95% of my teeth had root canal from previous dentists. Not knowing how to relieve my pain, previous dentists started to re-root canal my teeth.

I started going to Dr. Fabey, often in tears. I could not distinguish where the pain was coming from; my entire head would throb. My jaw would click every time I opened it. With a great deal of patience, compassion and expert knowledge, Dr. Fabey started realigning my bite and slowly relieving my pain.

Dr. Fabey walked me through a long process of dental implants. He replaced caps and a very bad set of dental veneers. Dr. Fabey was always there for me, often going above and beyond what anyone would expect from a dental experience.

I am now smiling wide, with a beautiful set of teeth. I am grateful to Dr. Fabey, and his team, for their compassion and professional expert knowledge."

-- Donna Marie P.


Never Before Experienced Self-Confidence

"A smile is worth a thousand words. At least it is to me. Born with not so great looking teeth to begin with, coupled with the early onset of Sjogren’s Syndrome, which has as its primary symptom a loss of saliva, caused me to be a dental disaster. Cavities abounded in my mouth which led to deterioration of my teeth. It got to a point that I was afraid to go out to eat with people because I was afraid of what would break or fall out of my mouth. I have a professional position which requires a lot of contact with people. Gifted with what should have been a big, beautiful smile, I hesitated to smile in front of anyone for fear they would wonder what was wrong with this otherwise seemingly put together professional that she could not take care of her teeth. Slowly I was actually losing teeth despite every effort on my part and my dentist (Dr. Fabey) to combat my condition.

It was then that Dr. Fabey suggested (strongly) that I consider dental implants, which I did. After researching carefully and picking a good oral surgeon who would work with Dr. Fabey, I decided to take the plunge. Dr. Fabey and I mapped out not only a strategy for the implant procedure, but to also crown my top six teeth. I won’t lie, the implant process is overwhelming – not necessarily as painful as one would expect, but one that deeply affects you physically and emotionally. It is a tedious process – at least six months from start to finish, but with the patience and support of Dr. Fabey and his staff I made it through with flying colors. The day my final implants were placed and my new crowns were put on I was a different person. People would see me and ask me what was different about me and say I looked like a whole new person.

Because of the efforts of Dr. Fabey and his staff, we developed a strategy that has changed my life. I now have a big, beautiful smile and I can eat without fear of another tooth breaking. It has given me a new self-confidence that I never before experienced."

-- Kathy S.


Absolutely the Best

"I have a medical condition that has affected my health in many ways including the loss of all my teeth. The dentures I received to replace them quickly became a problem and were very painful. The gums under the dentures started to shrink and I knew just replacing the existing dentures wouldn’t solve my problem. In the meantime I constantly developed sores under the dentures and I got to the point that there were very few normal foods that I could chew without pain. This lead to further medical issues due to the lack of proper nourishment.

I found out about Dr. Fabey and made an appointment to see if anything could be done. He and I came up with a plan after discussing what I was hoping to accomplish. I was very nervous about the outcome of the treatment because of my medical issues. I was actually downright afraid. Dr. Fabey was quick to reassure me by talking about previous situations with other patients.

He came across as being genuinely caring and gentle. Without his caring and constant reassurance I don’t think I would have continued with the necessary process that has now enabled me to chew ALL foods again for the first time in years! Dr. Fabey’s genuine caring attitude enabled me to truly trust him and this carried me through a difficult time to being able to chew again—just like anyone else! I can actually have lunch with friends and not be worried about eating!

I’d recommend him to anyone, anytime. He is absolutely the best!"

-- Sherry S.



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