Teeth loss or edentulism is a major consequence of periodontal disease (gum disease), sudden tooth decay, or any mouth trauma such as injuries. The repercussions of not replacing your missing teeth in time could be many, ranging from harm to your remaining teeth, an inability to bite and chew properly, and slouchy facial appearance that give you a dull look.

The magic of dentures today is that they are set out to be useful and completely functional from the beginning.

Types of dentures

Every denture case is different. Depending on the patient’s needs, dentists will recommend either full or partial dentures.

Full Denture

Full dentures involve a color treated plastic base so it reflects like gum tissue and holds the entire set of plastic or porcelain teeth. It is held inside the mouth by enclosing it with the gums. Dental implants can also be helpful in specific cases. However, opting with this treatment is much pricier than the regular full denture. There are two types of full dentures:

  • Conventional Full Dentures - In the conventional full denture process, the entire teeth set is removed, leaving the tissue non-functional for a little while to heal before the dentures are settled. The gum tissue takes a few months to heal fully, so during the specified period you will remain without teeth.
  • Immediate Full Dentures - In this oral treatment, the dentist measures your jaws and fixes the denture, fitted your mouth. After removing the original set of teeth, the dentures are positioned straight away in your mouth, so you do not have to stay without teeth for long. However, you should do follow up visits with your dentist to refit your dentures because your jawbone will slightly reshape as your mouth heals. After the jawbone has healed and reshaped, the dentures need tightening.
Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are either designed with a plastic base or a metal framework that brace the number of teeth that require replacement. It is fitted in the mouth with clasps and rests that are discreetly adjusted around your natural teeth.

Cost of Denture

The true denture price depends on several factors. Let’s take a look at some of the prime ones:

  • Dental insurance
  • Sometimes, the treatment needs to be expanded with procedures like teeth extraction or oral surgery to cleanse the ridges and support the jaw bones.
  • The material used in the denture will influence the cost. For instance, denture teeth set made up of highly cross-linked polymer are generally more expensive than conventional plastic teeth.
  • For detachable partial dentures, numerous metals may be necessary that may also raise the cost.
  • The warranty period provided for the denture treatment. It extends from two years to ten years as well.

Dentures can restore your smile and be nearly unnoticeable. At Fabey Dental, we aspire to handle the denture treatment with utmost care, regardless of the type.

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